Renewable energy: good for the environment – and good economics

1SOL has a unique R&D center with high-tech equipment for comprehensive testing of PV cells and modules.
The production capacity of 1SOL is over 2000 items per year. All products meet
the high internal standards of the company.
BIPV and BIPVT technology
About our mission
1SOL — Solar Energy Engineering Company

We design and manufacture hybrid solar systems to provide private homes and industrial buildings with clean electricity, warm water and heated ventilation air.

We believe that through our solutions, private households can completely eliminate hydrocarbon energy for their livelihoods, and industrial enterprises can significantly reduce its consumption.
Solar air collectors

Solar Fox — solar air collectors for family house and for larger commercial and professional building.

More products
Hybrid Solar Panels
We work hard every day to make hybrid solar panels for a comprehensive solution for our customers
Electricity + Heated Air
Electricity + Hot Water
Hot Water + Hot Air
Our Advantages
  • Provide Autonomy

    Our solar systems work without being connected to power systems at home, which allows you to use them in hard-to-reach areas and places with unstable electricity

  • Ensure Safty
    Our solar systems are completely non-hazardous for buildings and the environment
  • Save Money

    Using our solar systems allows you to achieve significant savings on electricity, heating and ventilation. The service life of our solar systems is 15 years.

  • For Vacation Homes
    Free ventilation with warm, dry air throughout the year with the solar air collector makes holiday homes nice to be in – and nice to come to when the season starts.

    Without any operating or environmental costs
  • For Hotels and Campings
  • For Family Houses
    When the air solar air collector is mounted air quality will be significantly improved and the general humidity will drop. All year round, without maintenance, and every single time the sun shines just a little bit, the solar air collector sends free, warm and dry air into the building. And pushes the tucked away, moist air out.
  • For Larger Commercial and Professional Buildings
    Professional Solar Air Collectors significantly reduces the running costs for heating and dehumidification of larger commercial and professional buildings.
  • ITMO University
    ITMO University is St. Petersburg's best university and one of the top universities in the world. With over 120 years of experience propelling it forward, ITMO is a trailblazer in all things IT, quantum science, and photonics. But we don’t stop there; we fuse our expertise in technical sciences with social sciences to explore interdisciplinary fields, such as science art and digital humanities.
  • Saint Petersburg export support center
    Autonomous non-profit organization "St. Petersburg SMEs export support center" was established by St. Petersburg Government 12.12.2019 as a part of the implementation of the state export strategy and program of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation to support non-primary non-energy exports. The main goal of Center is to stimulate the development of St. Petersburg SMEs export activities and to provide information, analytical, consulting and organizational support for entering international markets.
  • Ingria Business Incubator
    The Ingria Business Incubator is a subdivision of the St. Petersburg Technopark. Here the high-tech projects receive the support necessary for their further growth. The business incubator was launched in 2008. Since then, over 550 have received assistance in taking their first steps in the market, building a professional team, obtaining investment and finding customers.
  • St. Petersburg Technopark
    St. Petersburg Technopark JSC is owned by St. Petersburg and is one of the major tools for replenishing the city’s economy with new commercially effective technological projects.